Juan Mateos-García’s personal page


Hi, my name is Juan Mateos-Garcia.

I am Director of Innovation at Nesta, the UK Innovation Foundation. There, I lead a team of data scientists, data developers, visualisation designers and policy experts using new sources of data and data science methods to inform innovation policy.

You can find out more about our work here.

This is my personal page, with information about my publications, presentations and blogs.

Note that this is work in progress. I still need to add several papers, talks and policy work.

Research interests

I am interested in:

  • Emerging technologies: How they appear and develop, and the determinants of their trajectory
  • Innovation systems: Their structure and evolution, and how to visualise them to inform policy
  • Sciences of the Artificial: The design of artificial systems (in particular AI) and their integration with human decision-making.
  • Epistemology: How knowledge is created and verified. Here, I am specially interested in questions of causality, interpretability and reproducibility

Other interests

Reading science-fiction, playing board-games, listening to ambient and minimal composition music, running.


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